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If you need to ship the materials to us, please package them well and send your package with signature on delivery to:

Vaskevich Studios
132 E. Colonial Drive, Suite 220, Orlando FL 32801

If you are shipping photos or slides to us, please take the photos out of the frames and albums and slides out of the carousels, binders or storage albums. If the above are still shipped in frames, albums or carousels, there will be an additional per unit handling surcharge.

Do not ship with AM delivery. The studio accepts deliveries during the following business hours as follows:


Fill out this form, including your full name, mailing address, phone number, email address, your deadline and the quote (if you have received one). Press Submit Order button. Include your name and contact information with any materials you’re shipping to us.

You will be invoiced via email with a secure credit card payment link once your order is complete.

Your order will be shipped back to you via USPS or UPS ground. For packages under 5 pounds, the shipping fee will be in the range of $12-20, depending on your location and package size.

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If you’re shipping materials to us, please ship to:
Vaskevich Studios, 132 E. Colonial Drive, Suite 220, Orlando FL 32801

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